New Zealand Landscape Photography

A collection of photography, showcasing the diverse landscapes of New Zealand

Rainbow Mount Cook, New Zealand Landscape Photography
Rainbow, Mount Cook, New Zealand

I was quite lucky to see this incredible full rainbow form over The Nuns Veil Peak at Mount Cook National Park. This is a panorama, made up of 4 wide angle images. This was my first night, exploring the park. I will be sharing my new timelapse from this spot soon.

Mount Cook New Zealand Landscape Photography Rainbow
Mount Cook Rainbow, New Zealand Photography
moeraki boulders, New Zealand Landscape Photography
Moeraki Boulders at Sunrise, New Zealand Landscape Photography

The next adventure brought me to the East Coast of where I explored the famous Moeraki Boulders at sunrise. These beautiful rock formations are truly special.

Here are two of my favorite images from that morning. The first image showcasing this little broken fountain during the receding tides. The second image is of a much smaller rock scene, the rock in this photo is about 1 foot wide.


Milford Sound Waterfall New Zealand Landscape Photography
“Through The Storm” Milford Sound, New Zealand

The Milford sound was by far my favorite location to explore in New Zealand. The place seems taken straight out of a fairy tale. Here is a wide angle shot showing waterfalls streaming down the cliffs. If you look closely you can see a boat on the right side, for scale.

Milford Sound Waterfall New Zealand Landscape Photography
Milford Sound, New Zealand Landscape Photography

Here is a close up landscape photograph from one of the massive waterfalls pouring down the cliffs.

Here are two wide angle images, taken while exploring the streams and rivers, near the Milford Sound. Each rock wall and cliff face had waterfalls streaming thousands of feet down the mountain. These waterfalls are created by heavy rainstorms and disappear when the skies clear up.

New Zealand Landscape Photography
“Waterwall” New Zealand Landscape Photography

This first image was taken on a boat ride around the Sound. We were actually under the waterfall at this point. I snapped this one frame before my camera took a bath in the falls. The second image is a close up long exposure taken from a different waterfall.

Milford Sound Waterfall New Zealand Landscape Photography
“Ghostly Spirits” Milford Sound, New Zealand

Sometimes the 60 MPH winds would blow the waterfalls upwards, suspending the falls in mid air, it was very surreal to witness in person.

Milford Sound Waterfall New Zealand Landscape Photography
“Islands in the Sky” New Zealand Landscape Photography

Milford Sound Waterfall New Zealand Landscape Photography
“Cloud Forest” New Zealand Landscape Photography

This is one of my favorite landscape photographs from the Milford Sound. During Sunrise the fog lifted to reveal the incredible rainforest in the distance.


New Zealand Milky Way Landscape Photography
“Rise” New Zealand Milky Way

Here is a close up Milky Way image from Queenstown, a few of the only clear nights I had the entire trip. The Milky Way was vivid and spectacular to witness.

New Zealand was one of the most beautiful places I have ever explored. Not only the incredible landscapes. But also the wonderful food, culture and people who live here. I can not wait to head back here and explore more. Thank you so much for checking out this gallery. If you enjoyed the images and would like to see behind the scenes from my New Zealand Landscape Photography adventures. Check out the Vlogs here. I will be also sharing my New Zealand timelapse video on this page soon! But of course you can already see a sneak preview from some of the timelapses over in the vlog link!


  1. I found my way here from a shared post on FB that I subsequently shared. I absolutely love your photography. I would love to do some cool time exposure stuff.

  2. Michael, it has been a while since I last visited your homepage. So I just found this gallery now. This is frigging brilliant, man! Love it. Especially how you captured those intimates of the dark waterfalls.

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