“Symphony of Fog”

San francisco Fog Timelapse and Landscape Photography

San Francisco California is known for its foggy weather. The Fog in the bay area feels like it has a mind of its own. The fog can often times disturb a beautiful sunny day and cover the sky with darkness. There are mixed feelings about the fog, many residents finding it a huge inconvenience and depressing. Where as many residences embrace the fog and its erratic behavior. Regardless of how the fog is perceived from below. Its hard to ignore just how incredible it looks from above. This series is a tribute to the incredible fog and a showcase of its magnificent beauty. Fog has essentially become a living breathing entity in San Francisco photography.

Here are two of my favorite fog timelapses I have ever taken. They were both taken on the top of Mount Tamalpais during a beautiful flow of fog rushing through the Bay Area.

san francisco photography, fog landscape
San Francisco fog wave photography.

This was one of the highest fog cloud formations I have seen while shooting on Mount Tam. This view only lasted a few minutes before the entire mountain was engulfed by fog.

Here is a 15 minute timelapse sequence above the fog on top of Mount Tamalpais. It is absolutely amazing to watch the patterns of the flow. The fog completely covers the hillsides creating giant waves in the sky.

Here are two images taken on different nights around San Francisco. I wanted to capture the fog interacting with the tree line and flowing through the forest. I always find it interesting to compare the look between long exposure photos and crisp short exposures. They can often create completely different moods.  You can actually see another San Francisco photographer out on the ridge taking photos closer to the fog.

Here are two more images from the same day. I used a long exposure shutter speed to simplify the overall motion of the fog. This gave the images a very surreal look. It was just amazing to witness these formations in person.

San Francisco Fog
San Francisco fog sunset.

Here’s an image taken on top of Mount Tamalpais during a different day. The fog was a bit further off shore, so I used a telephoto lens to capture two figures walking on a far away ridge. I really love adding small figures into landscape scenes when the time is right. This often creates a great sense of scale, it also gives a firm connection between humans and nature.

Fog can completely change the mood and feeling of a landscape. Revealing or masking certain parts of a landscape. Viewing a sea of fog with only a few trees peaking above is incredible. Perhaps just as incredible is watching the fog surround a hill, creating an island in the sky. It is always a surprise seeing what the fog will share with you on a given event.

The classic Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco fog timelapse. Still to this day one of my favorite scenes to witness. I was lucky enough to capture a few minutes of this timelapse with the  bridge before completely engulfing the scene. Timelapse photography really gives a sense of motion with scenes like this. I try to capture both timelapses and stills during a situation like this.

Here are three more Golden Gate Bridge fog images. The first two images were taken from Slacker Ridge after sunset and then the third image was taken during sunrise at Hawk Hill.

san francisco fog timelapse
Golden Gate Bridge fog, San Francisco Photography.
san francisco photography
san francisco photography

Here are two more Golden Gate Bridge scenes taken from Battery Spencer in the Marin Headlines. This is by far one of my favorite views to witness super low fog rolling into the Bay Area. This is actually a still photograph taken during the fog timelapse posted above.

Out of all the evenings and morning that I have shot fog in San Francisco. This was my absolute favorite evening. The fog rolled through Mount Tamalpais catching some incredible golden light. I focused on shooting small figures in the scenes, trying to showcase the sense of scale.

san francisco photography
San Francisco Fog Photography.

Two figures stand side by side, almost mimicked by the two trees peaking out of the foggy abyss.

san francisco fog timelapse
San Francisco Fog Photography.

The San Francisco skyline masked by a beautiful layer of fog. Its a bit more rare to get the fog this low, rolling through the city, but when it happens, it is absolutely incredible.



  1. Absolutely stunning work Michael. That ethereal atmosphere is so dreamy!

  2. Shalini Bose

    Breathtakingly beautiful! What a wonderful world and a wonderful work!

  3. Shalini Bose

    Breathtakingly Beautiful! What a wonderful work!

  4. Nenette Hechanova

    Truly breathtaking, absolutely beautiful! Good Health to your hand, heart, mind and soul.

  5. wahhh just wonderfull!!!

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