Iceland Photography Adventure:

My recent trip to Iceland brought some amazing experiences and some of my favorite images. Its a place I have wanted to visit now for years. I had seen tons of stunning Iceland Photography through friends and colleagues. it was awesome to get out there and see the locations for myself. Here is a series of photos from my journey.

Iceland Photography

The Vesturhorn mountain in Iceland is a very iconic peak with stunning scenery. We spent sunrise photographing this location and I pulled out my Phantom 3 Quadcopter to take this aerial panorama. The formations of ice and sand made for some incredible shapes/textures. Most of our sunrises and sunsets were completely overcast or sunny blue sky with no cloud action. For this image however, I enjoyed the simplicity in the sky complimenting the complex foreground.

Iceland Photography

Heres a behind the scenes image, shot right after that aerial photograph above. Taken by Toby Harriman Photography.

One of my favorite Iceland experiences was being able to fly my quadcopter over the stunning waterfalls in the region and do some aerial photography. Skógafoss and Seljalandsfoss were two incredible waterfalls with great views.

Heres two very different perspectives of Skógafoss in Iceland. The image on the left is a close up self portrait and the 2nd photo is an aerial photo. The overcast and grey weather we had most of the time gave us a bit of a challenge and really forced me to get creative with shooting different perspectives, included ones that did not rely on sky action.

The Iceland Coast was nothing short of breathtaking. We had some moments where the clouds parted and the sun broke through illuminating the landscapes. The first image is an aerial photo taken of Dyrhólaey and the 2nd photo was taken from Reynisdrangar near Vik.

The first image shows the aurora over Kirkjufell Mountain, one of the most iconic and photographed locations in Iceland. The Northern Lights danced over the mountain for a few minutes before clouds took over the scene for the night. The second image was taken above the Skogafoss Waterfall in Southern Iceland. The photo was taken moments before a large solar storm that filled the entire sky with aurora.


iceland landscape photography

One of the main reasons we travelled to Iceland was to experience the Aurora Borealis in person. Luckily the planets aligned and we got to witness some incredible displays of light. The show only lasted for about 10 minutes, but it was by far one of the most stunning things I have ever witnessed with my own eyes. The Northern Light Pillars danced across the entire sky.

Aurora Iceland Landscape Photography

On a previous night we were able to see the Northern Lights fill the sky over the incredible Vesturhorn Mountain. The pillars and shapes were less defined then the image above, but the color was spectacular. I created a large panorama to show the entire scene.


Heres two behind the scenes images from my trip. The first is an image of our RV Camper with the Milky Way overhead. The second image was taken my Andrew Studer Photography.

Our Iceland photography and aerial adventure was amazing. It was great to see the beautiful landscapes that the country had to offer. I can easily say that some of my favorite shooting experiences were made on this trip. We were not only challenged by tough shooting situations and rough weather. But also rewarded with some amazing views and some awesome experiences.


  1. Epic images Michael! Your stuff is always inspiring and I hope to plan an adventure to Iceland soon, thanks for sharing these awesome photographs!

  2. You work is truly inspirational. I hope one day I can capture images as good as you

  3. Joseph Cyr-Brophy

    Hey Michael. Love your photos. I was wondering what ND filter do you recommend ?


  4. Junaid Hassan

    Amazing photos bro. Loved your Youtube channel as well! Keep the good stuff coming! 🙂

  5. You are God of Photography !! Love your pictures always ! Hope I can learn from you sometime !

  6. Lucho Torres

    Hi Michael, which month of the year was this? Thanks!

  7. Maria Augusta

    Is a true work of art!

  8. Awesome photos! Going tomorrow to Iceland to explore with my hubby + cameras for 8 days!!

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