Faroe Islands Landscape Photography, Timelapses and Aerial Videos

The Faroe Island Landscapes seem like they were plucked straight from a fairytale. Sheer thousand foot cliffs and unique peaks, make this place an absolute joy to photograph. I took to trips here in 2018-2019 to capture the emotion of these surreal landscapes. In addition to these images, I also captured a series of vlogs. You will find the videos at the bottom of the page.

Faroe Islands Landscape Photography
Faroe Islands Landscape Photography: “As The Storm Nears”

Perhaps the most striking landscape in the Faroe Islands. Sørvágsvatn, a lake elevated above the ocean. These cliffs in front are about 400-500 sheer drop above the ocean and the peak on the right side is close to 1000 feet.

Faroe Islands Landscape Photography
Faroe Islands Photography: “Cliffs Of Grandeur”

Faroe Islands Landscape Photography
Faroe Islands Photography “At The Edge Panorama”

These are two of my favorite images from my trips. The first image is of Bøsdalafossur Falls and Geitisskoradrangur sea stack in the background. We really lucked out with some beautiful light for this image. The second image is taken above Klaksvik with a sweeping view of the fjords in the back.

Faroe Islands Landscape Photography Kalsoy
Faroe Islands Landscape Photography: “Lighthouse Passage”

One of the most striking views is the Kallur Lighthouse on the islands of Kalsoy. I took this panoramic image to show a bit more of the surrounding cliffs and landscape. Even with a wide angle lens, its tough to show all of this massive landscape in the frame.

Faroe Islands Landscape Photography
Landscape Photos: “Into The Unknown”

Faroe Islands Landscape Photography
Landscape Photography “Rainbow Falls”

Faroe Islands Landscape Photography
Landscape Photography: “Glistening In The Darkness”

Beyond The Photographs

Along with the images I captured, I also put together a three part vlog series. These videos cover the adventure and experience and also give my thought process for capturing the photographs. I also give some sneak peak aerial/timelapse clips, that I have been working on. I am hoping to release a full Faroe Islands timelapse and aerial film in the near future. You can watch the videos below!

I want to thank you so much for watching the videos and checking out my photography. If you would like to check out more photography vlogs, timelapse and aerial videos. Please consider subscribing to my Youtube Channel HERE.


  1. Timothy Dearing

    Absolutely stunning, thank you so much for sharing these images.

  2. As with all of your work, these are incredible, so inspirational. Thanks!

  3. Michael Laurent Johnson

    Some of the most beautiful scenery (and photography) I’ve come across. Well done mate.

  4. I now know my next destination…just wow. I am in awe of this beauty. Thank you thank you thank you

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