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After months of hard work Gavin Hardcastle and I are proud to share our new Night Sky Photography Tutorial "Milky Way Made Easy".

Learning how to shoot the milky way can seem so intimidating at first, this course dives deep to explain basic and advanced techniques in easy to understand video tutorials. Whether you are just getting starting taking your first night sky long exposure, or are advanced and just looking for some new tricks and tips to elevate your images. These Milky Way Photography tutorial is for you.

The Ultimate Night Sky Photography Course



$275 $99 USD

Whats Included:

10 Gigabytes of Course Content

25 HD Videos (1080p)

6.35 hrs of Course Content

RAW Files


Single Exposure Shot at Crater Lake

There are various advanced techniques in this course to create stunning night sky images. But we feel like it is important to cover the basics. In this tutorial I will cover how to shoot and compose a single exposure of the Milky Way.

Then we will cover post processing techniques to clean up the photo and bring out the Milky Way. Even if you are an advanced shooter, this video shares some different techniques that you may not have seen before.

Planning Your Shots

Learn our techniques for properly planning out and scouting for night sky photography. We will cover some important applications, that make planning simple and fun.

Night Sky Milky Way Tutorial Image

Milky Way Photography Settings

Before heading out to shoot, we will cover some basic settings and things to consider.

Night Sky, Milky Way Photography Tutorial

Gear for Shooing Night Sky Photography

Before heading out to shoot, it is important to have the proper gear. Gavin and I will share our recommendations, and some helpful items for your night sky adventures.

Night Sky Milky Way Tutorial Image

Focusing on the Night Sky

If you have never shot the Milky Way before, focusing at night can seem a bit intimidation. This video helps to break it down step by step. In an easy to follow tutorial.

milky way tutorial

Stacking for Noise Reduction at Crater Lake

Stacking is one of the best ways to clean up noise in your night sky photography. In this video I cover how to shoot these stacks and various ways to process these images.

Twilight Blend On the Oregon Coast

Another great way of getting more detail in your night sky images is to create twilight blends. In this video Gavin will cover how he shoots these images and puts them together in Photoshop.

Night Sky Milky Way Tutorial Image
Night Sky, Milky Way Photography Tutorial

Star Trails Tutorial at Sparks Lake

Star trails are a great way to capture the night sky, without relying on the core of the Milky Way. In this video I cover my favorite way to capture Startrails. Then I pass the files off to Gavin to work his magic and teach you how to bring this image to life.

Night Sky Milky Way Tutorial Image
Night Sky, Milky Way Photography Tutorial

Moonscape Processing at Smith Rock

Not all night sky images need to be captured on moonless, or cloudless nights. Check out shooting and editing process for creating beautiful lunar landscapes. This tutorial also covers Luminosity masks for advanced users.

Night Sky Milky Way Tutorial Image
Night Sky, Milky Way Photography Tutorial

Basic Light Painting at Mystic Beach

In this night sky photography tutorial. Gavin covers how he uses Light Painting to accentuate his Milky Way compositions. He teaches a start to finish process. From shooting to post processing.

Night Sky Milky Way Tutorial Image
Night Sky, Milky Way Photography Tutorial

Questions and Answers

In this educational video we sit down to answer your questions from social media.

Night Sky Milky Way Tutorial Image
Night Sky, Milky Way Photography Tutorial

Programs Needed:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Lightroom

Other Recommended Programs:

  • Photo Pills ($10)
  • StarStax (Free)
  • Sequator (PC)(Free) or Starry Landscape Stacker (MAC)
  • TK also has a free panel for just luminosity masks.

Course Updates

Over the next few months we'll be adding new content to 'Milky Way Made Easy' and if you order today you'll get to download that new content for FREE when it goes live.

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$275 $99 USD