1. Hey Michael- I’ve been a silent admirer of your work for a few years. Truly astounding, and inspiring. I want to experiment with shooting waterfalls at night, to create “other-worldly” looking environments, and wondering if you have any tips for techniques for this. For example, this photo- how were you able to get a relatively short exposure on the foreground at night? All my best, no worries if you’re too busy to reply!

    • Hey Zach, thanks so much for the comment. For this image I did a twilight blend and took the foreground about 10 mins before taking the sky photograph. I think the foreground image was about a 1 sec exposure and the sky was more like 15 secs.

  2. This is absolutely incredible! I’ve been trying for so long to do the same effect with the clouds over the stars. How do you get the white clouds over the stars? I can’t seem to figure it out!
    Your work has been a HUGE inspiration for me!

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