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Shanghai Timelapse: A Glimpse Of Shanghai


I have always been amazed by the incredible architecture and scale of Shanghai China. I traveled there on assignment for a commercial project and stayed extra days to explore the city for myself and see what views I could find.


Shanghai Sunset City The Bund

Heres a view of the Pudong skyline at sunset. Taken from the World Financial Center. This was one of my favorite view points of the entire city and really showed the sense of scale.

The first image was taken from the Pearl Tower during a smoggy day. The second image is a self portrait taken from a skyscraper in Shanghai at night. Both views show the same building with two antennas on the top. They were taken from opposite sides of that building.

The first image was taken from a rooftop located on the Shanghai Bund. The second image was taken on the rooftop of our hotel during our first night exploring the city.

shanghai timelapse
shanghai timelapse

The most common and iconic view of Shanghai is still one of my favorites. Heres Shanghai at night taken from The Bund.

The first image was taken from the Pearl Tower in Pudong. In the image you can see the World Financial Center (bottle opener building). The taller building is the Shanghai Tower which is currently the second tallest building in the world. The second photo was taken from the top of a building on The Bund.

Heres two behind the scenes shots taking timelapses and images from around the city.

shanghai photography

One of my favorite views of the city was this incredible interchange system. The Pearl Tower can be seen in the distance on the right side with the lights off.


Thank you for taking the time to check out my Shanghai photography series. It was definitely one of my favorite cities to capture. The city was filled with beautiful views and amazing architecture. I am sure this will not be my last time visiting Shanghai.




  1. Hi Michael 😉
    I really like your photos of shanghai city. I wonder if I’m able to buy those pictures and use them to decorate my lawyer firm website?

  2. HI Michel
    First of all great work on the shanghai time lapse.
    Secondly, i was wondering if i can buy this time laspe for my website.
    Please let me know if i can and if so what are the cost of it

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