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Washington and Oregon Landscape Photography: The Pacific North West offers some of the most diverse landscapes in the US. From seascapes, to mountains, waterfalls and deserts. There is an adventure for everyone. I spent multiple trips capturing many of the beautiful landscapes. Here are a few images taken from the journeys.

Crater Lake Oregon Milky Way Galaxy

Driving up from San Francisco, my trips usually start out at Crater Lake in Southern Oregon. Its one of the most stunning landscapes I have ever been to, and offers unbelievable views. Here is a self portrait panorama of me sitting under the Milky Way.

Here are three more Crater Lake images, one of a lone tree and the Galaxy. The other two were taken during sunrise.

Another amazing location in Southern Oregon is Toketee Falls. The first image was taken on the trail to the falls and the 2nd image was taken from the waterfall overlook.

Not far from Bend Oregon is Sparks Lake. The lake offers incredible views of Broken Top and South Sister Mountain. There two images were taken during a vivid sunrise.

Wahclella Falls, Oneonta and Spirit Falls taken in the Columbia Gorge.

Waterfall Washington

Out of all the waterfalls I photographed my favorite was Lower Panther Falls in Washington. While it was not the tallest of the largest waterfall, it had stunning shapes and lines.

A quick walk up the hill from Lower Panther is Upper Panther Falls.

I spent a good amount of time capturing the Milky Way over mountain peaks. The first image is the Galaxy over the Tatoosh Range. The second is a closeup of the Milky Way over Mount Saint Helens and the last image is of the Galaxy over Mount Rainier.

A spontaneous decision took some friends and I on an 8 hour drive to the Alvord Desert Playa. The remote desert location was an incredible place to camp and explore. We spent three days capturing a variety of conditions including the Milky Way, Storms and a Rainbow.

Aerial photography has become one of my favorite ways to capture unique perspectives. I spent some time flying my drone over the Painted Hills in Oregon and some surrounding desert locations.

The Oregon Coast is incredible. Giant sea-stacks with trees on the top. These images were taken at Samuel H Boardman State Corridor. I had gone to this location to photograph the Milky Way multiple images, every-time getting cloudy weather. One night I lucked out and shot these three images. In the last image the blue shine in the water is actually Bioluminescence from marine plankton.

Another amazing Oregon Coastal location is Cape Kiwanda. The First image is an areal photo taken from above. The sound image was taken from below during twilight.

The last location on my list is the Olympic Peninsula in Washington. One of the most spectacular coastlines I have ever explored. The first image was taken at Ruby Beach during twilight and the second image was taken during sunset at Rialto Beach.

The Pacific North West is an incredible place. I hope to keep exploring and building to this portfolio. I feel as though I have barley scratched the surface of what is possible. I really hope you all enjoyed viewing images from my Oregon and Washington Landscape Photography series. I will be adding more images to this collection soon.


  1. Awesome work!!

  2. Vivek bhartia

    Beautifully made…loved the way you have formatted the article and the images…made at the right moments

  3. Randy Braun

    Possibly the finest collection of photos I have ever seen, Michael.

  4. Amazing pictures. Specially the ‘Soft glow’ look on your pictures takes the viewer into another dimension

  5. martin radigan

    Simply killer photos. Nice work!!!

  6. Michael, you know why I love your work so much? It’s because you use a camera to transcend the capabilities of human experience. You don’t try to capture a moment the way we experience it, but rather capture something more profound. Fucking amazing, keep it up.

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